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Our Green Mission

LUX Catering and Events is an eco chic, sustainable catering company with a green philosophy reflected in all of our practices. We have committed ourselves to regional cooking, farm to table catering, and have created dramatic menus for many of our clients focusing on the diverse offerings of our region. We work with an extensive list of purveyors to offer the freshest local ingredients. We source many of our ingredients from local farmers and work with like-minded companies that practice sustainable catering and sustainability, are environmentally friendly and exercise sustainable thinking.

We are committed to reducing environmental impacts by minimizing excess waste, purchasing recycled materials, conserving resources, and recycling throughout the organization. We feature biodegradable plates and eating utensils made from bamboo & corn starch which we use for our off site events. When creating event décor we are always focused on creative design solutions based on the principles of reusing, recycling & reinventing. All in all, we are committed to a better, cleaner world for all of us.

LUX Catering and Events is one of the first sustainable caterers in Utah that has a comprehensive recycling system in place…by comprehensive we recycle everything that is allowed, from food waste, to mixed recycling, to glass. (90% of all our waste that previously was sent to the landfill is now recycled). WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! Just one more step to creating better and more Green and Eco chic friendly events for our fabulous clients!

Recently LUX Catering and Events won Utah Business Magazine’s 2016 Green Business Award for our Waste and Recycling Program. We have also won the 2013 ZERO WASTE AWARD in recognition of our commitment to eliminating waste. This award was presented by The Utah Recycling Alliance, and the State of Utah.

Our offices and kitchens are wind-powered through the Blue Sky Program, which means the electricity that we use is offset by wind-power energy we purchase.

Award-Winning Comprehensive Recycling program


Biodegradable leafware


Regionally and Sustainably Sourced Products


Community Conscious


We are one of nearly l00 local Salt Lake businesses who are a member of the Salt Lake Green e2 business program, which works to increase awareness of environmentally and economically sustainable business practices. As a member, we are able to collaborate and brainstorm with our city as well     as with like-minded, local businesses on changes we can make to relieve the pressure businesses can place on the environment.

LUX Catering and Events is one of the first sustainable caterers in Utah to have  an award-winning,  comprehensive  recycling  program in place. On average, we have 150 lbs of food waste per day — that’s 27 tons per year! Instead of taking up place in a landfill, these scraps and leftovers are recycled into fertilizers for city parks and local farms with the help of our partnership with Momentum Recycling. A variety of items enter our kitchen on a daily basis, but only 4 things end up  at  the  landfill:  plastic wrap, tape, gloves, and solid  items  that accompany food, such as aluminum foil. The rest is recycled  or  composted!

Over the course of 6 months, we will have recycled enough to fill a dumpster the length of 30 football  fields  and  over the last 12 months, our recycling has prevented over 70 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions – that’s the equivalent of almost 15 passenger vehicles’ emissions for a year!

Our offices are l00% wind powered through Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Program. That means all the electricity we use is offset by wind energy we purchase.

 We feature biodegradable and compostable plates and eating utensils, which we use at our off-site catering and events. These innovative plates, bowls and utensils  are  made  from bamboo  and  water.  That’s it! We  also  provide  plateware  and glasses made from sugarcane,  but we never use disposable dishware or utensils made from petrolium- based products. Along with being completely biodegradable and compostable, these plateware options are not only lightweight and convenient but also downright stylish!