Meet the Team

Meet the people that make your events memorable.


Christopher Sanchez is the Director of Catering and Events, and the lead event designer for Lux Catering and Events; his responsibilities include the management of the LUX sales team and execution of LUX’s events. Chris oversees all the details required to maintain LUX’s high standard of excellence. He ensures that the grand vision designed with the client becomes a reality. Chris never tires of the creative challenges involved in orchestrating large events, and he truly loves sharing his passion for food with LUX's clients and staff. Chris has been in the events industry since the age of 15, when he began working for his father in banquets and catering at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (now known as Temple Square Hospitality Corporation). Chris can be found finding inspiration for his next event through a variety of channels or enjoying a delicious meal at a local restaurant surrounded by family and friends.

Christopher Sanchez

Managing Partner

Chris Lake is the Business manager; responsible for the accounting, payroll, and financial end of running the business. Chris began working for LUX Catering and Events at the young age of 14 wherever he could fill in and at 18, began working full time with his family. Because he started so young, Chris has worked in just about every capacity at Lux Catering and Events. Having seen the business from all angles, Chris can speak with authority on almost every topic a client or employee may ask about! Chris can’t think of a more enjoyable time then driving around or admiring luxury cars.

Chris Lake

Managing Partner

Kelly Lake is one of the owners of Lux Catering and Events. Kelly began traveling at the age of 6 weeks with her family as they followed her father’s navy postings. She comes from a family with a long food history and began working with Pat while dating Pat’s brother, John. In fact, one of John and Kelly’s first dates was working side by side at a wedding catered by Pat’s Weddings. Kelly worked part time with Pat’s Weddings for years; when the LeCroissant Café became available, she and John teamed up with Pat to form Lux Catering and Events. While Kelly is one of the owners and incredibly busy, her passion and love for the business shines through as she still takes time to attend several events a month and is in the offices and kitchen each day, working side by side with the employees and seeing to the day-to-day operations of the business. In addition to being an owner, she is also an event coordinator and and can be caught overseeing even the smallest details of both the business and her events. Kelly excels at working and strengthening company friendships, researching food and is enthusiastic about discovering new recipes.

Kelly Lake

Managing Partner

Don Sanchez is our Executive Chef who came to us with almost 30 years experience. Chef Don made his start in culinary arts when he attended culinary school in the Netherlands where he was trained in the classic French style of cooking. He continued his experience in Holland working at Kasteel Doorwerth and De Kromme Dissel – both Michelin Star award winning restaurants! Chef Don returned to the states and for the past 25 years, has worked as a Corporate Executive Chef. Don believes his passion is to take raw ingredients and reimagine them into something someone appreciates and finds delicious. When asked what his specialty is, he expressed a love of sauces. “A sauce is what finishes a meal and takes a lot of time and consideration to complete” a complex yet lovely meal. When not in the kitchen, Don loves spending time with his wife and family up in the mountains or learning and discovering about a new hobby.

Don Sanchez

Executive Chef

Kelsey is one of our experienced Event Coordinators as well as Taylor Swift's biggest fan. Kelsey joined LUX Catering and Events in the bakery as our cake designer but ever since has increasingly developed a passion for event planning and event design. Her favorite thing about event design is taking a theme or idea and bringing all the pieces together to create that dream Her favorite thing about coordinating is seeing an idea come to fruition right before her eyes. Her hobbies include decorating cakes, watching and participating in eSports and actively coming up with excuses to go to Disneyland.

Kelsey Gummersall

Event Producer

Kim Spencer is an Event Coordinator for Lux Catering and Events and an aficionado of cute shoes. Kim brings many years experience in catering and event coordinating to her job at Lux Catering and Events. During basketball season, Kim splits her busy time between LUX and working for the Utah Jazz. Her favorite part of the job is helping clients create that “unforgettable moment” for their special event. When Kim is not helping people create memories, she loves singing, making cakes or doing anything that involves crafts.

Kim Spencer

Event Producer

Tracy Barlow

Event Producer

Erik Nunes is our Operations Manager which means he is a wiz at coordinating schedules, shopping lists, maintenance, and overall organizing the behind-the-scenes at our facilities. Erik started at LUX Catering & Events cooking in the kitchen after he graduated from culinary school. He then began working events, after which he continued working hard to become an event lead. Erik has steadily and with determination worked his way up through the LUX ranks! What Erik loves about his job is starting an event as an idea on paper and seeing first hand all the hard work that is put forth by each employee and witnessing clients’ dreams come to fruition. In his free time, Erik loves escaping to the river to go fishing and swimming as well as spending time with friends at all the great local farmer’s markets.

Erik Nunes

Operations Manager

Michelle Hough graduated from Kaplan University with a degree in Business Administration. She comes to LUX with a strong background in people and things; Michelle takes her logistics and HR business acumen and bottoms up event catering and bartending experience to a new level as our Front of House Manager at LUX Catering and Events. It is her responsibility to train and develop our Event Staff to provide exceptional service and an unforgettable experience.

Michelle Hough

Front of House Manager

Sonia Strong

Bakery Manager

Kelley J Neal was raised in a small town in Idaho and has been in the floral industry for the past 15 years. While he came from a small town that doesn't mean he has a small vision; he has always had BIG ideas when it comes to event and wedding floral, keeping up on the latest floral trends, and always providing a unique take on something that is traditional. Sharing his knowledge and love for the art of floral design is a passion of his in order to educate others in the industry. Kelley looks forward to bringing you a fresh floral perspective! In his spare time, he can be found spending time with his family in Idaho or entertaining Salt Lakes night life. He has a little rescue dog named Isabella that is the light of his life!

Kelley Neal

Floral Designer

John Lake is one of the owners of Lux Catering and Events. John started working at the tender age of 8 at his family’s restaurant, The Hungry Guy, located off campus at the University of Utah. In order to reach the cash register, John would have to stand on a milk crate. But his work at The Hungry Guy instilled in him his lifelong love for food and people. In his teens John worked closely with his sister, Pat Slade, who had begun her own company, Pat’s Weddings. John met Kelly soon after and they continued to work closely with Pat as the business grew. They eventually becoming full partners with her in what became Lux Catering and Events. John continues to help as Lux Catering and Events grows and enjoys spending his time cooking for family (he makes an incredible Chili Verde), fishing and spending time with his grandson.

John Lake


Pat Slade is one of the primary owners of Lux Catering and Events. Pat began working as a caterer in St. George, UT over 40 years ago. She then moved to Salt Lake City and began her own business, Pat’s Weddings. One day while buying croissants at the LeCroissant Café, the owner of the café asked Pat if she knew anyone that would be interested in buying their business. At the time, Pat’s Weddings was doing so well that she needed a larger space. With the help of her brother John and his wife Kelly they purchased LeCroissant and turned it into Lux Catering and Events. Pat enjoys the challenges that come with creating unique and stunning floral arrangements and can be found collaborating centerpieces and décor with Chris Sanchez.

Pat Slade