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24 Aug Holiday Parties are Easy and Beautiful with Utah’s Premier Caterer and Event Planner!

Yes, you read that right - Holiday Parties with Lux Catering and Events, Utah's premier holiday caterer and event planner. While you probably just sent your kids off to the first day of school this week or you are trying to cram as much sunshine and outdoor fun into the last days of summer, now is also the time to start thinking ahead to booking and planning your holiday and Christmas parties. We are excited to unveil our new Holiday Menu Planning Guide, complete with creative and delicious holiday party menus, holiday dinner menus, as well as the full range of dishes and sweets we will be concocting this holiday season! Utah holiday parties with Lux Catering and Events - Utah's premier caterer and event planner
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18 Dec Holiday Cocktail Recipes

The holidays are here and we are basking in the glow that surrounds the season: family, friends, giving to those in need, and giving thanks to our many blessings. Of course, we are also basking in the soft glow of light from our lovely Christmas tree lighting our entry. Rustic Christmas decor
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03 Jul My Mom’s Potato Salad

With July 4th this weekend, we are at the height of summer. I am in heaven! While the 90+ degree days can wear you out, there is always a general eagerness for a delicious barbecue with your family and friends. Whenever I go to a barbecue at my parent's house I always have one request... Will mom be making potato salad? I am in love with this potato salad and I recently asked her for the recipe so I could share it with all of you! This potato salad is to die for! In essence: burly and rich from olive oil and mayonnaise, and brisk from pickles. If you forgo the hard boiled egg you don’t know up from down. Prepare it a day ahead for it's at its best when well-chilled and left to meld. Even better, it's easy to make! I’d walk you through it, but you know how to make this: Boil the potatoes; toss; mix; do as you do. Potato salad’s beauty is not in its technique. You’d be smart to make it for the Fourth, and every week thereafter, until the temperatures drop and the sun shines shorter. Always make extra -- you’ll want the leftovers -- and then spend the rest of the day outside. A note from mom: "enjoy!"

Mom's Potato Salad Recipe:

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28 Nov Holiday Tablescape Ideas with LeCroissant

We hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! It is now officially Christmas season (even though we've been listening to Christmas music for weeks... don't judge) and Christmas parties will soon be planned and executed. To continue with our previous Christmas decoration post, we've come up with a couple different ideas for decorating your table for Christmas dinner using the same peacock inspiration. 2014-11-24 15.47.19
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25 Nov Liven Up Thanksgiving with an Idea from LeCroissant

Thanksgiving is a day for being grateful for our blessings and remembering the early beginnings of our wonderful country. It's a day steeped in traditions from family to family but also the tradition of gathering for a shared meal as a nation. While it's wonderful to celebrate our traditions, sometimes traditions become... boring. 2014-11-24 17.32.23 Our office came up with a great way to bring a new twist to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner: a Mashed Potato Bar!
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19 Nov Christmas Decorating with Lux Catering and Events

The holidays have officially arrived at Lux Catering and Events! We spent the day setting up and decorating our office, while listening to classic Christmas music of course. We knew we needed to have a festive office to usher in the season and to accompany our brand new and delicious holiday entertaining menus. Our inspiration is peacocks and love how the green tied in with our company's colors, while the blue made a bold and eye-catching statement. Read on to learn a couple of our tried and true decorating secrets! 2014-11-19 12.11.39
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