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27 Jun What is a Benefit Corporation – Utah Sustainable Green Business

Most people know that there are privately and publicly held companies, non-profits, LLCs (or limited license companies), INCs (incorporated), etc. While non-profits are their own separate type of business that is taxed and reviewed differently, with a much different business goal than other for-profit companies, even for-profit companies have  their own different classifications. Most companies like LLCs are known as S Corps, but there are also C Corps. Most of these distinctions have to do with how the business is taxed. However, there is a separate, and we believe and more distinctive, designation that companies in Utah may now be classified as. A Benefit Corporation. Several years ago, SB 133 was signed into law allowing Utah businesses to change their business designation to that of a benefit corporation - LUX Catering & Events was one of the first 13 businesses to jump aboard and take advantage of the new law and change our status from and S-Corp to a Benefit Corporation. What is a benefit corporation - with LUX Catering & Events, Utah's premier sustainable caterer and event planners

So, what exactly is a Benefit Corporation?

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18 Jul LeCroissant Catering & Events 2015 Benefit Corporation Report

LeCroissant Catering & Events is honored and proud to be one of the few businesses in Utah registered as a Benefit Corporation. But what is a Benefit Corporation you ask? Let us explain a little....

What is a Benefit Corporation?

A benefit corporation is a newer classification of business here in Utah that aims to not only be in business for profit, but also to be transparent and accountable to the local community and the environment. "The purpose of a benefit corporation is to create general public benefit, which is defined as a material positive impact on society and the environment." Lux Catering and Events was one of the first out of 13 businesses here in Utah to immediately sign up for Benefit Corporation status when SB 133 was signed into law in 2014. Lux Catering and Events has been happy and proud to be one of the few Benefit Corporations and green catering businesses in Utah since the beginning!
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30 Oct Being a Community and Environmentally Conscious Business with P3 Utah

Being a community and environmentally conscious business is important to us here at Lux Catering and Events. We believe it is not enough to just carry on business to make a profit without informed and responsible action as to how we affect the local community and the environment. As such, we have made it some of the fundamental tenets of our business structure to carry out community and environmentally conscious behavior in our day to day business. One way we've enacted this is by become a close-working partner and member of P3 Utah. To get a better understanding of what it means to be a member of P3 Utah, check out their latest video featuring a few of our fellow members as well as our very own co-owner, Kelly Lake!
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15 Nov Lux Catering and Events Celebrates America Recycles Day!

Today is national America Recycles Day, a day to spotlight a national initiative to keep America beautiful! For us at LeCroissant Catering this is an exciting day because it allows us to celebrate and highlight our company's Green Mission that is reflected in all our business practices. We feel it's our responsibility to take a close look at our impact on the environment and do our part to protect our planet and the beautiful country we live in. Our offices are 100% wind powered through the Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program, which means all of the electricity we use is offset by wind power energy that we purchase. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="325"] Image courtesy of[/caption] Lux Catering and Events is one of the first caterers in Utah that has an award winning, comprehensive recycling system in place. On average, we have 150 lbs of food waste per day - that's 27 tons a year! Instead of taking up space in a landfill, these leftovers will be recycled into fertilizers for city parks and local farms. Over the course of 6 months, we will have recycled enough to fill a dumpster the length of 3o football fields! A variety of items enter our kitchen on a daily basis, but only 4 things end up in a landfill: plastic wrap, tape, gloves, and solid items that accompany food, such as aluminum foil. The rest is recycled or composted! [caption id="attachment_71" align="aligncenter" width="450"]i-TMnTWST An action station made entirely from recycled wooden pallets featured at our Cannondale Event.[/caption]
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