How to Transform a Grocery Store Bouquet

02 May How to Transform a Grocery Store Bouquet

Whether you’re looking for a last minute floral arrangement for Mother’s Day, house-warming gift, or a piece to spruce up your kitchen table, the grocery store is most likely your quickest resource! But the bouquets available, while bright and colorful, are also generic and lackluster. Most grocery store bouquets have great floral elements in them, but are grouped together in a way that hides their true potential. Here are a few steps to turning your grocery store bouquet into a stunning and unique floral arrangement!

  1. Grab a bouquet from your nearest grocery store, we found ours at Trader Joes. Along with the primary bouquet, we grabbed a secondary arrangement we could use for foliage accents.
  2. Next, you will want to separate your stems from the arrangement so you can visualize your pieces.
  3. Begin to remove leaves from the lower half of the stem, leaving the leaves about one inch from the bloom.
  4. Once your stems are laid out and leaves have been removed you will begin assembling your arrangement! Starting with a focal point floral (typically the largest bloom) begin to add in the other floral components – secondary blooms, filler blooms, and foliage in a counter-clockwise pattern, creating a spiraled effect. While you are placing these elements vary their heights as well. (You don’t want all of the components to be the same height.)
  5. As you are creating your spiral keep in mind that you do not want to place all of your large blooms next to each other. Vary the type of flower and size as you place them.


  6. After you have arranged your bouquet you will have varying stem heights. You will want to cut these to be the same length and tie your bouquet with a bread tie or twist tie.
  7. Add your arrangement to a vase (ours is from the dollar store!) and pour in the flower food powder that likely came with your bouquet.
  8. Add water to the vase, stopping about 3/4 inch away from the top.
  9. Display your marvelous grocery store bouquet with pride!Here is our final product! All created with one simple bouquet and foliage elements we found at the grocery store. By varying the heights and breaking up the placement of the florals and colors we were able to create a gorgeous end product.
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